HQ 5 Hybrid Layout Plan

Author octopodes
Vitals Type: Defense
Stats Rating: n/a | Modifications: 382 | Views: 683 | Comments: 0
Created 4 years ago
Layout Continued From HQ 4 Base I Update My Plans As I Level My Battle Beach HQ Up ================================================== The area marked with the walls under the top right parade ground is for the coastal laser. The middle clear area is for the grenade tower. (For some reason the coastal laser and grenade grounds don't show up) Again, sniper towers > machine gun nests, and always keep upgrading your lava and diamond storage (you'll thank me one day when you see massive amounts of resources in a raid that is unguarded but you don't have the space to hold it) As I've stated in previous descriptions, I don't like using traps, but use them if you have to/if you have spare diamonds
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